Poncho man essay

When the film was released on the televised network ABC , a four and a half minute prologue was added to the film to contextualise the character and justify the violence. Written and directed by Monte Hellman , it featured an unidentified official ( Harry Dean Stanton ) offering the Man With No Name a chance at a pardon in exchange for cleaning up the mess in San Miguel. Close-ups of Eastwood's face from archival footage are inserted into the scene alongside Stanton's performance. [37] [38] This prologue appeared on the Special Edition DVD and the more recent Blu-ray, along with an interview with Monte Hellman about its making. [39] [40]

this is really nerdy again, sorry. it seems like your sense is that cool involves an element of being earned (“interpersonal personal skills”) and unearned (“quality that makes people like you without effort”). this is really interesting because it ties in with american ideas of meritocracy, that power can be earned, and then enjoyed freely bc it was “paid for” with whatever valued contribution was made- for social popularity that valued contribution is usually entertainment of some type, but some people are valued for their genuine friendliness and collaborativity- either way, these take effort. a social popularity meritocracy makes room for the ascension to power this way, but it’s still a hierarchy of power, with influence as the privilege at the top. in theory, a competitive meritocracy is more fair than most systems if the power is allowed to change hands freely, but of course life is pretty good at the top where everyone listens to you and cares about you (this is privilege), and it’s so much easier to put a few obstacles in the way of challengers than to yield fairly and have to work your way back up. in fact, there is a strong theme in american culture that approves of using influence to fight unfairly in the name of being scrappy, and using every tool available to compete at the highest level you can reach. this thinking sees fair play as “not fighting for yourself”. thats a whole other essay ugh sorry why. anyway, my point is that the cool of social popularity, though it might take effort to reach, is the privilege of influence, and influence does get things without effort.

All of this vibe talk can be traced back to the team’s new hire for 2017, Utah native Taylor “TJ” Eisenhart. A castoff from BMC’s development program, Eisenhart has racked up a series of impressive results in 2017. In April Eisenhart landed on the podium at the Tour of the Gila; the next month he won a stage and the overall at the Redlands Bicycle Classic . Last week Eisenhart went on a tear at his home race, the Tour of Utah, challenging for the overall before slipping to 11th. And at the Colorado Classic, Eisenhart rode his way into the race lead after a daring all-day breakaway on stage 2.

Poncho man essay

poncho man essay


poncho man essayponcho man essayponcho man essayponcho man essay