The necklace critical essay

It’s a daunting tasks setting up an autism classroom or appropriately integrating students with autism into the general education setting. Students with autism are all so different and have a vast array of needs. Many of these learners need to be taught individually. It can seem impossible to effectively teach a group of such different students when so many of us our understaffed. In this session learn how to organize, setup, and structure your classroom. We will discuss everything from creating an efficient classroom schedule, the physical structure, using visuals, creating a data system, and beginning your curricular planning.

Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. was a pioneer in the field of landscape architecture and is best known for designing New York’s Central Park. Olmsted held that everyone had the right to common green space and he embodied this belief in his park designs. His favorite theme created a network of parks connected by boulevards or parkways to form a ring or “Emerald Necklace”.  Our vision for a system of parks alongside the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers is also linked by trails and parkways and truly resembles a necklace inspired the title of Emerald Necklace Vision Plan.

The necklace critical essay

the necklace critical essay


the necklace critical essaythe necklace critical essaythe necklace critical essaythe necklace critical essay